Jennifer Lopez’s Makeup-Free Videos

Jennifer Lopez had the most amazing summer ever, according to everyone.

The multihyphenate star celebrated her 54th birthday by, of course, dancing atop a table after dropping a new song to mark her anniversary of getting married in Las Vegas to Ben Affleck.

In addition, she shared a now-viral GRWM video in which she flaunted her natural glow prior to applying JLo Beauty MVPs, garnering a tonne of supportive comments from followers.

In an interview to commemorate the release of her newest JLo Beauty product, the Beso Balm Ultra-Hydrating Lip Mask ($19), Lopez talked candidly about her tendency to post photos of herself without makeup and what makes her feel most at ease in her own skin.

“When I go makeup-free in my videos, it is really about letting people know that it’s OK,” says Lopez.

“I love being fully made up and looking glamorous and being kind of the JLo that everybody knows in movies and videos and all that kind of stuff. But there’s also just you with no makeup on and without all of the embellishments that is just as beautiful.”

Lopez points out that she goes out of her way to explain to her followers exactly what she is posting and why. “There’s no lighting on this, and there’s no filter,” I’ll write sometimes. I’m alone in my bathroom right now.

She continues, “I know I don’t look how you’re used to me looking, but this is me too, and I love this side of me. All of that stuff isn’t always necessary. “

Lopez claims that having “more confidence” comes from “being able to embrace” who she is without makeup.

“It improves my self-esteem and gives me the impression that I don’t need to hide.” Lopez states that she never wants to feel as though “I can’t go out of the house if my lashes aren’t on and my hair isn’t perfectly done.” I don’t want to be like that. I am an actual person.

That’s not to say I don’t enjoy the glitz; I do. However, I also adore the girl who is lounging around the house looking like she just woke up, wearing a bun, no makeup, and sweatpants.

Lopez shares some of the things that make her feel good about herself and exhorts everyone else “to be the real them too.”

“I always feel like it’s something that comes from the inside, and the times that I feel most confident and at ease are when I’m working out, when I’m taking good care of myself, and when I’m with my family and friends who I know love me. When I lead a really healthy lifestyle, I feel great.

“I feel most at ease and confident when I’m living a life I’m proud of and that boosts my self-esteem.” When you accomplish esteemable things, that boosts your self-esteem. I therefore feel my best about myself at that time.

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