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Let’s make this Christmas – Xmas unique and more enjoyable then ever

With this list of the top Christmas activities for both adults and children, you can make the most of the holiday season. The holidays are a unique time to give thanks for what you have, enjoy yearly customs, and spend time with loved ones. We’re trying our hardest to treasure each and every one of these unique moments we have with our loved ones this year. There are plenty of holiday-themed activities to keep us all occupied, including decorations to hang, seasonal recipes to follow, and Christmas cards to mail. For this reason, we’ve put together a Christmas checklist with our best recommendations for enjoyable Christmas activities you can enjoy alone or with family and friends. Even though every family has unique holiday customs, We put together this list of imaginative Christmas crafts for adults and children that you might want to try out this year.

We have a tonne of Christmas ideas you can use to plan a season full of festive fun, whether you start new Christmas traditions by getting crafty and making personalized Christmas ornaments or get your friends and family together for an ugly holiday sweater party! The best thing about these enjoyable Christmas-themed activities is that you can do them anytime you want—during the week, on the weekends, and even on Christmas Eve.

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1. Tour the Christmas Lights

The landscape can appear a little boring once winter arrives and all the leaves have fallen from the trees, especially if there isn’t any newly fallen snow. For this reason, the sight of elaborate and entrancing Christmas light displays is breathtaking. Take advantage of the opportunity to explore your illuminated neighborhood (or one close by) on Christmas Day and enjoy the festive atmosphere for as long as you can. Take the family for a drive-thru Christmas lights event if walking around isn’t possible due to the frost. (Note: While not required, hot chocolate and Christmas cookies are highly suggested.)

2. Take A Holiday Card Photo

Prepare your family’s Christmas card well in advance of the holidays so you have plenty of time to enjoy them. Try putting funny family members on stage, use creative props, and play around with your wardrobe. Do you have any rooms or areas in your house that would make a striking backdrop? The more imaginative, the better! Include the completed image in your yearly Christmas cards, as well as in text messages and emails to friends, extended family, and as a virtual background for video calls.

3. Decorate A Gingerbread House

Are you trying to think of something you can do this year for Christmas from home? When you finish a craft, there’s nothing better than eating it! Around the holidays, a lot of supermarkets will sell kits for making gingerbread houses. Typically, these kits come with all the materials needed to construct four walls and a roof. Visit the supermarket’s confectionery section to choose a few handmade candies to complement your child’s creation of a gingerbread house, adding a personal and festive touch. The kids will have a blast using all of their favorite candies to decorate the house.

4. Watch a Christmas Movie

There are plenty of fantastic Christmas movies for every crowd to enjoy, ranging from slapstick holiday favorites that will make the whole family happy to black-and-white classics that will leave you crying under the mistletoe (It’s a Wonderful Life, anyone?). For a Christmas Day viewing experience that promises lots of holiday vibes and goes well with a hot cocktail to boot, gather your friends or spend the day by yourself. Not sure which movie to pick? There is a feel-good movie on our list of Christmas classics that appeals to all age groups.

5. Clean Up and Donate

Giving back is a great way to get into the Christmas spirit on Christmas Day. However, if volunteering strikes you out of the blue, remember that most nonprofits are overrun during the holidays and truly could use assistance at other times of the year. Instead, employ your best Marie Kondo skills to clear space for your newfound wealth, and then donate gently used goods to deserving causes like Soles4Souls, Dress for Success, Goodwill, and the Salvation Army. Not only will it feel fantastic to make some closet space available, but studies have shown that being kind to others makes people happier.

6. Host A Holiday Game Night

Gather your loved ones and friends, then unleash your competitive spirit! You can have an ugly sweater competition if you’d like, but we’ve put together a fantastic list of adult-only Christmas games that will get everyone in the mood for the holidays, along with a few kid-friendly selections. There are many Christmas games available, such as jigsaw puzzles, white elephants, and secret Santa, to help create new traditions.

7. Make Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Making personalized Christmas ornaments is a fun and simple craft project. Look through our extensive library of ornament templates, upload your own images, and alter the fonts, colors, format, and text. You can use these photo ornaments as unique keepsakes for future Christmases.

8. Make Spiked Hot Cider/Hot Cocoa

This holiday season, unwind with a festive cocktail that will make you feel like it’s Christmas. Simply mix in a little peppermint schnapps to your preferred hot chocolate mixture, then garnish with whipped cream and your most cherished personalized photo mugs. Combine your strong beverage with other enjoyable holiday pursuits, such as carol singing or watching a holiday film.

9. Set Up A Christmas Photo Booth

Photo booths make great activities at any Christmas party. Simply find an appropriate holiday background, add a few props like selfie frames, and set up a camera to get the party started.

10. Get Crafty with Thank You Cards

The one Christmas custom that has a bad habit of disappearing if you’re not careful is sending thank-you cards. Make it a Christmas Day activity to avoid making that mistake, and don’t forget to get crafty for added enjoyment. Get out your scrapbooking supplies and have a sit-down for an art project and a chance to say thank you (before you make the fatal mistake of forgetting who gave you those fuzzy slippers, your great aunt or your grandmother).

11. Enjoy A Drive-In Movie

It’s a return of the drive-in movie theater just in time for the holidays! See if any nearby theaters are showing one of your beloved holiday films, such as Love Actually, Elf, or National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Some sizable stadiums in major cities have even been known to transform their parking lots into improvised drive-in theaters. This is one of those amazing Christmastime activities that are perfect for children of all ages, including us adult elves!

12. Throw A Christmas Party

A wonderful way to spend time with friends and family over the holidays is at Christmas parties. See our guide on Christmas party themes for ideas on decorations and inspiration.

Music to enjoy your party

13. See Some Christmas Lights

This Christmas Eve, take the family on a tour of the neighborhood lights. Put everyone in the car and give them some festive roadside munchies, like hot chocolate, cookies, and candy canes.

14. Volunteer

Do you want to spend the holidays giving back? Take the family to a volunteer organization or a local shelter. Teaching the younger ones about the spirit of Christmas is another excellent use of this occasion.

15. Have An Ugly Sweater Party

During the holidays, hosting ugly sweater parties is a fun and creative way to express your creativity. Organize a competition for the most imaginative, humorous, or lavish costumes, and invite your loved ones to participate.

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