Top 10 remote employment opportunities

A new generation of telecommuters has emerged, one where they are the norm rather than the exception as most fields adopt remote and hybrid work practises. According to Global Workplace Analytics, regular telecommuting increased by 216% between 2005 and 2019, and millennials are starting to favour flexible work arrangements over higher pay.

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Using remote technology to connect people worldwide, industries that were previously thought to only exist as in-person roles, such as teaching, personal assistant, and nursing, have joined the virtual revolution.

All industries are facing The Great Resignation, so you might be searching for a new way to work remotely or in a flexible environment. These are a few of the top remote employers if you’re seeking for a job that allows you to work from home.

Top remote employers are hiring right now:
Every employee at these companies works remotely, either from home or from shared workspaces. In order to facilitate communication between telecommuters and their virtual colleagues, remote employers frequently organise employee retreats and promote video conferencing. Here are some locations where you can begin working remotely:
  1. Automattic: The software developers behind WooCommerce, WordPress, and other products.
  2. Zapier: An app that helps automate workflows by integrating over 1,500 apps.
  3. InVision: A platform for digital product design that helps businesses achieve the ideal user experience.
  4. GitHub: A platform for developers to collaborate with over 36 million developers and host and review code.
  5. Aha!: Product managers and marketers can use product roadmap software.
  6. ConvertKit: It is a straightforward email marketing tool.
  7. Ghost: A platform for open-source publishing.
  8. How-To Geek: An Introduction to Technology.
  9. Toptal: A select group of the best independent contractors.
  10. Sketch: A digital design toolkit.

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